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I assisted with the "Kind House" project for two years.
The charity donates all money collected from the sale of lodges to a boarding school in the city of Pavlovsk, Russia.

Many artists participated in the project, and many children arrived to help us paint the lodges. I am infinitely happy that I got to make new friends!

September 2011, Saint Petersburg
Start and process


I was helped by a young girl named Nastya. She has cerebral spastic infantile paralysis and was 13 years old at the time.

Nastya draws a picture for me.

The picture that Nastya drew in my album.



August 2012, Saint Petersburg
The second house for the project


This time I was assisted by a new helper, the cheerful Tanya.

Tanya drew a lot of pictures for me in my sketchbook.

I designed the thank-you letters that were handed out to all of the participants.