Floksiki iPad story book

In 2007, I launched a project called IndeePop. In the beginning, it was just a personal project of mine, but it later became a studio: IndeePop Games.

IndeePop Games is a studio of independent developers specializing in the creation of applications for mobile platforms (iOS, Android).

An enchanting interactive book for the iPad, "Floksiki", was the studio’s first project.


The book features wonderfully animated illustrations that captivate readers and spark the imagination of young and old alike. The Floksiki and their surroundings can come alive before the reader’s eyes with a simple touch of the screen.

The friendly and beloved characters of the book will open their magical world to young readers, sharing their interesting and unique point of view. With fantastical heroes leading the way, readers follow a submarine into the depths of the ocean, fly on a UFO over the mountains, and explore a very special forest. This is a land where clouds and silly animals are eager to reach out and brighten the reader’s day. Embark on an entertaining and unpredictable adventure today! The application is available in two languages: English and Russian. ->Available now


In addition to the iPad version, we have also created a Floksiki-themed game for the iPhone, which allows players to build a tower from vividly decorated blocks. ->Available now

We used a Canon 7D to record the video, and the text is voiced by a professional actor who was recorded in the Strategic Music studio. The same studio also made music for the internationally top-selling game "Сut the Rope".

The book was originally drawn for my son in May 2011. (The rest removed because the preceding material is all about the iPad version.)

The original cover for "Floksiki", showing some of the friendly creatures in their unique, colorful outfits.

Some illustrations

For contests, I sewed 12 colorful toys.

As well as 7 more with dots

Each toy has a name, as well as a postcard to which you can add any text that you wish.

More than 300 people around the world have taken home these adorable little creatures.