I created IndeePор a few years ago, and it has since drawn upon years of experience as a division of INDEE Interactive. Founded in 1999, INDEE Interactive began as a creator of interactive media and Flash-based games, but it has since expanded to cover social and mobile platforms while embracing the latest technologies, such as Unity 3D and HTML5.

We have created apps, websites, and other media for a variety of companies, including agencies representing a diverse clientele across a broad range of brands, from Nissan to Mars, Heinz to Suzuki, and SABMiller to Kellogg.

I greatly enjoy helping companies to create their visual identity, and creating IndeePop’s was my first experience with such work.



Business cards

Stickers (vinyl)

Iron badge, 100 copies. All badges are numbered on the back.

3d model (by Igor Krasnov)

Labels for toys and a stamp

New Year’s toy

Postcard for friends

Bag for gifts

On INDEE Interactive’s corporate birthday, I created mini characters from little triangles.


INDEE interactive / IndeePop

Еach triangle represents an actual employee from INDEE Interactive.

Stickers with characters

I sewed a toy for each character.

And I cooked jam for each employee, made from black currant, plums, and an apricot. =)
How it was made:

The jam was very tasty!

We ordered a cake from the renowned KARAT+ bakery with mastic based on my designs.


Pattern I used for the chocolate

My workplace

Card wishing a Happy New Year

New characters