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Master class: Mother's Day

This is one of my best master classes. And now, I am going to tell you how to sew your own Floksik!

1) Print a pattern. Now, cut out it.

2) Make sure you are properly prepared by having the following:
- patterns
- scissors
- beautiful fabric (it is best to get fabric with small designs) ~14cm x 30cm
- a hank of thread that matches the fabric
- pieces of felt (white and multi-colored)
- a jingle bell and ribbons
- thick threads for the face
- polyester fiber or cotton wool

3) On the seamy side of the fabric, trace the body pattern; on the white felt, trace a pattern of the face.

4) Cut out the face, and place it onto the appropriate area of the traced pattern, on the outer side of the fabric. Make sure it’s lined up just right, and sew it to the fabric. Repeat the process with a small patch for the paunch, using colored felt.

5) It is also possible to add cheeks, but if you don’t have enough felt, they can also be drawn with acrylic!

6) Place the newly sewn fabric against another piece of the same size, both face-up. Sew the two together along the contour, leaving a small 1-cm hole near the left arm.

7) Does it look like the photo below? Great! Now, cut along the contour, leaving a 0.5-cm space.

8) Take a stick, or the eraser end of a pencil, and turn the toy inside-out through the hole we left earlier. Be careful! Now, fill the toy with stuffing.

9) Insert a jingle bell and sew up the hole as carefully as possible.

10) On the head, sew the ribbon to allow the toy to be hung up. Also, sew a tail. =)

11) It's ready! Now you can give it to a friend or sew another one!

12) If you want to give away the Floksik as a present, you’ll want to make some custom postcards, too.

13) Finally, pack in kraft paper. Here, I’ve decorated it with a white helium pen.


Try to make this toy, and if you do, please send me your photos — I’d love to see your creations!

If you have any questions, please send me an email: natasha@floksy.com