Сhildren's museum "MUZEUM"
For this project, various artists decorated different rooms of the museum.
My room was first. The idea was to emulate a walk in the sky amongst the Floksiki, with the city streets below.


The project was finished within 14 days.

Ceiling decoration



Day 1 - Preparation work

Day 2 - Painting the floor, building miniature lodges

Day 3 - Painting a tree

Day 4 - Decorating the right side of the room

Day 5 - Decorating the left side of the room

Day 6 - Beginning work on the ceiling

Day 7 - Creating decorative objects

Day 8 - Creating the atmosphere

Day 9 - Creating the residents

Day 10 - Placing the Floksiki in their lodges

Day 11 - Touching up

Day 12 - Adding multi-colored light bulbs

Day 13 - Finished: we installed the smoke and bubble-generating machines

Day 14 - Our first little guests came