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Social graffiti

Аbout 20 years ago, Russia began to change from the old Soviet outlook. That change has manifested in the recent appearance of graffiti on everything in Russia; a free-spirited, joyous type of graffiti, which has even included some of my own work. With my art, I try to make the world around me brighter and kinder. I’m happy to say that I’m well on my way, thanks to the authorities signing off on my social projects throughout the city!

Drew a design on beton plates on Pulkovsky Highway 25.


Decorated a stairwell inside the Institute of TV & Design. (Collaboration with Amigo)

Floor 3

The institute gave us the opportunity to create our own graffiti in educational establishments, brightening up studies at an institute with gray walls.

The institute’s administration enjoyed our work a great deal.


Kvass Festival

Kolpino. Created for a Victory Day in commemoration of the Great Patriotic War (May 9). (Collaboration with Amigo)

Kindergarten № 31 (Collaboration with Amigo)

Drawing with safe paints for a children's policlinic.

Drawing at a veterinary clinic. (Collaboration with Amigo)


Drew design of beton plates for future garbage cans. (Collaboration with Amigo)
Saint Petersburg, Russia, Sofiyskaya, Street 42


Saint Petersburg, Russia, Prague, Street 37 case 3

Saint Petersburg, Russia, Sofiyskaya, Street 39 case 3

Garbage can for Moscow’s Victory Park

Garbage can for a beach on the Gulf of Finland

City Day of Saint Petersburg (Collaboration with Amigo)

Against drugs (Collaboration with Amigo)